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Not much has been written in the past regarding  Conti trains, and the Book-Catalogue


Storia e produzione

published in May 2006 ,  is, to date, the  most complete and reliable publication;

The trade press has dealt with Conti in January 1983 where Fermodels News N. 13 contains the article

A train” ephemeral: Il Conti di Bollate

Mondo Ferroviario with Articles of Giovanni Cornolò in June 1994 N. 98 entitled The electric trains Con


and in March 1995 N. 105

Conti, che passione !

published some pages,  which contains a slight inaccuracy  visible only to expert eyes

The quarterly magazine British TCS News in numbers 126-127 and 129 respectively in December 2003, March 2004 and September 2004 hosts the Undersigned talking about Conti trains : TCS NEWS ACCOUNTS CO.MO.G.E.  by Mario Franco Mazzilli

In France, the magazine La Vie de Jouet in number 33 of July 1998 proposes Toute l’Histoire des trains Conti and N. 86 February 2003 Locos Conti – spécialités Italiennes en OO by Jean Bouvet

La vie du jouet n. 33  1998

On the WEB the Site Rivarossi Memory

RR Rivarossi Memory

an article by Gabriele Montella gave significant space to a  description and photos (a couple of them, however, should be censored because are not original Conti: on speaking of  Conti CIWL is shown DSG LIMA;, in the picture of a locomotive FS 480 pantographs are unquestionably adapted and very different from the original ones.  

Modelbahn archive repeats in German Artikles Von Mario Franco Mazzilli and at last 

in the Web site CLAMFER

Clamfer Napoli

still contains several articles, which are constantly updated.

As also does this new WEB Site


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