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Pieter Bruegel The Elder

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Steam puppies in HOe

After the arrival of David and Goliath, a small number of locomotives similar to David asked hospitality at this site, which, given that it shares the same name, accepts with joy these cute puppies in HOe scale.

fig a Bruegel
These are small locomotives for military use, in mining, for quarries, furnaces, maintenance railways , sugar refineries, industrial plants, which in Germanic language are called “Feldbahnloks” …

fig b Bruegel
ย On some of these gauge tracks of 600 or 750 mmย  was made sometimesย  a passenger service, also by means of small-propelled steam, mainly for the transportation of personnel, more rarely open to the public as in France, network for the collection of beet around pithivier ….

Sometimes these small machines have also been used on tram lines .

fig d Bruegel

Very often, having to move along roads and construction sites, they are equipped with safety guards open sheet for wheels and connecting rods, but unloved by the staff as causing overheating bearings.

fig i Bruegel
Here we do not take in consideration the many interesting gauge railways of 750 mm built as real railways with passenger and freight transport, no longer exist in Italy, but still in regular service just at the north of the Alps,


such as the Austrian Zillertal, on which it servedย  also the Feldbahnlok # 6, used for special trains and drivers education ….

fig 00 Bruegel
The puppies shown below are all unique pieces, patiently built by hand, often to the lens …ย  mostly brass with parts in steel, plastic and wood. The motors are Anchoridge, Arnold, Trix or Egger-Bahn, the wheels are built on a lathe, or Egger-Bahn or Trix.
… But let them introduce themselves, ……

Rhein locomotive built by Decauville in 1892 for tram service, then sold to a sugar refinery

fig 01 Bruegel
Pleinfeld locomotive type “Saddle Tank” (Orstein & Koppel 1910)

fig 02 Bruegel

Railcar steam system Serpollet # 311 of BBK, built in 1903

fig 03 Bruegel
Railcar steam NB N ยฐ 115 built by Borsig in 1903

fig 04 Bruegel
Railcar steam NB 114 built by Borsig in 1902

fig 05 Bruegel
Amper locomotive vertical boiler EH Feldbahn


Built by Hoenzoller in Dusseldorf in 1881

fig 06 Bruegel
Baldwin Locomotive (1908) # 7 of the Societe Exploitation Forestiรจre

fig 07 Bruegel
Locomotive “Donaustauf” type called “Brigade” in France or DFB in Germany built by Fives-Lille in 1919 as a maintenance locomotive ,

Fabbrica mattoni

is then sold to a brick factory (Ziegelei Donaustauf)

fig 08 Bruegel
Iller locomotive built by Decauville in 1891, serving in a sugar factory

fig 09 Bruegel
Eurydice locomotive built by MGK / Karlsruhe in 1889 for EH Feldbahn

fig 10 Bruegel
Locomotive # 39 of D.W.E. built by Tilkin in 1891, a vertical boiler

fig 11 bru
Locomotive # 2 Isar (Krauss 1892) in use in the 20’s in a paint factory

fig 12 bru
Locomotive Clotho, Orstein & Koppel 1913, for tram lines,


sold to a mine factory in 1935

fig 13 bru
Locomotive # 101 (Heilbronn 1899) for tram services

fig 14 bru
Locomotive # 312 of A.G.D. built by Heillbronn Maschinenbau Gesellschaft in 1889,


sold to a quarry in the 20s

fig 15 bru
Tramway locomotive # 109 (Krauss 1889)

fig 16 bru
Locomotive # 35 for construction sites built by Koeppel in 1917

fig 17 bru
Locomotive Krauss (1884) # 102 for tram services

fig 18 bru
…. and I am glad that these puppies in HOe scale have been adopted by the Conti steam puppy …

fig 19 bru
… And if you want to see


real live puppies

fig e bru

in function you can visit the Feldbahnen

fig f bru

still in service especially in Germany,

fig g bru

France and Great Britain ….

fig h bru

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Pieter Bruegel - Puppies in HOe

Pieter Bruegel The Elder

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