Collodi : Köf primordial


Collodi: The primordial Köf

(Written by P.G. while travelling on the Thalys)

Gatto e volpe

If there is a family of small locomotives that really deserves to belong to “Puppies”

Cucciolo di volpe

this is the one of Köf.

kof 00

The abbreviation Köf, introduced in 1931 by the Deutsche Reichsbahn, stands for K = Kleinlokomotive (small locomotive), ö = (Öl) (diesel); f = Flüssigkeitsgetriebe (hydraulic transmission).
The first name that appears on the project ‘s source is “Öl-Flüssigkeitsgetriebekleinlokomotive”, but please excuse me if I prefer the name “Pinocchio”,

bugia naso

assigned by the FTV staff to single Köf of “Vicenza” because of the “long nose” of this car .

kof 00a
These small locomotives, built in large numbers in the ’30s and in the ‘ 40s, can be divided into three series.
We take into consideration only the second set of machines, which correspond to the scale models HO / OO of which we intend to speak.
True then, these nice locomotives, in addition to having served on German rail …

kof 01
… And it has operated on many industrial rails across Europe ….

kof 02
… freight cars and coaches are much larger of their …

kof 02a
… Many came to Italy following the Wehrmacht and, after the war,

kof 03

many were incorporated into the group of 213 FS …

kof 03a
… Or they were used by private railways, such as the Roma-Ostia where this car, the No. 51, was called “the Wreck” ….

kof 04

I remember, in particular, that, called “Pinocchio” in service at the FTV and to be correct, being electric rather than hydraulic transmission, we should call it “Koe”, and that led, incidentally, too the No. 51 …….

kof 05
… It was equipped with four bumpers on each cylinder head and four hooks to mate with all vehicles of FTV and FS. Even this was still nicknamed “Catorcetto” from my cousin Giancarlo (Roman), who often followed together me the movements on so many industrial rails served by FTV.

kof 05a
At the close of the Vicenza network in 1980, it was acquired from Arezzo railways where it still stands and continues to lead the No. 51.

kof 06
Even the Officine Grandi Repairs located west of the city had supplied one of these locomotives, dubbed by the board “iron staff”.


This ensured not only the internal maneuvers, including the “jog workshops”, ie, the coupling of two passengers cars, the transport of employees by Officine until the station in Vicenza. I believe that this was, at least in Italy, the only passenger train that is entrusted to Köf.

kof 06a
Note that often, in the 60s one of these cars was the legendary “Piaggio” stainless Alz 13000,

kof 06b

then Az 23000

kof 06c
These little machines were greatly appreciated by the staff for their good towing capacity and ease of access to the cabin, direct and without cumbersome ladders.

kof 06d

 The scale model HO / OO of these locomotives has place for many years the housing problem of the engine due to the shape of the nose long and narrow “the Pinocchio”


and the lack of all inside of the superstructure space.
The first brand to play the Köf was Sommerfeld who presented it to the Nuremberg Fair in February 1955

kof 06e
In scale rather abundant, it no longer deserves the name of “Pinocchio” due to the larger hood and especially wider than the real and of sufficient size to accommodate the engine.

kof 07

The Black Köf Sommerfeld is an all-metal model, simple and robust, with few parts reported

kof 08
….the free cab …

kof 09
…. a five pole motor with longitudinal axis, built by ELMOBA (Berlin), arranged in the hood … ..

kof 09a
… That, through a pair of reduction gears, transmits the motion to both axes.

kof 10
In its time it was not successful, especially, I think, because of the high sales price: at the era were paying just under a Maerklin F 800! thus it remained in production for a

kof 10a

short time and it is now very rare.
The Sommerfeld model is taken from Eheim / BRAWA in 1963 …

kof 11
…. with several changes for the electrical and mechanical part …

kof 12
… Added some details such as trumpets, headlights, air tank ….

kof 13
… And a lot more lively and attractive painting.

Fata turchina
In ’64 Tarvisium proposes Italians fans the FS version Köf of BRAWA

kof 14
Painted in green, with yellow handrails and the addition of pipelines brake coupling, hooks and written registration “213 155” …

kof 15
… It is produced in a hundred copies.
Here ends the story of “primordial” Köf  that were followed then, twenty years later by much more loyal to the reality of the same BRAWA and other brands that are not the subject of this article.

kof 16
And here, finally, the “family pictures”

kof 17

of the three primordial Köf

kof 18

and I introduce Carlo Lorenzini named “Collodi” and his Pinocchio

Pinogrillo UK

(@ February 17, 2016)