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World travel with tin tramways tin

OO scale

(written by P.G.)

Gatto stivali

(Translation to be reviewed)

….if, like me, you love the tram, together we try to close eyes and imagine to get tiny as in Gulliver’s Travels ….Gulliver 2
Now, twenty millimeters high, we can get on the tram German built in Nuremberg from Gebr.Einfalt about 80 years ago1 Gebr Eifaltย  Cute characters lithographed one of which even has the right to smoke a pipe … The tram moves with jerks on the rails tin of era in a Bavarian town in miniature buildings made of sheet metal, cardboard, wood and plaster …

Castello Bavarese

The little men miniature live in a magical world where time and space are all other dimension.

So here we are in Paris, the Paris of the 30s on board the tram CR:

02 Tram CR1

We were lucky to find this very beautiful car extremely rare and trams are disappearing from the City of Light

Ville lumierefor the benefit of metro and bus to then make their reappearance sixty years later.

Luckily we do not need a boat trip of about three weeks to get to Buenos Aires where we are welcomed this two axes tin built by Caparrini in 1940

02a Caparrini

It is a bit dangerous because it is not equipped with a locking lever and the spring is tough to be charged, but we men 1/87 are not afraid of nothing .. !! ….

Tango argentinoAnd Here we are in Copenhagen where we expect this car rounded shapes and paint a little ‘lived

03 Wittrock

… It’ very fast and easily derailed in the curve, however, is full of charm …

Denmark now arrive in Austria where, in Vienna, are in service since 1946 on the Ring modern convoys Igri three cars ….,

04 IGRI Austria

ย spacious and comfortable


in contrast to the angular and spartan cars supplied to the city of the newly formed DDR

06 DDR
But now we return to France, where in Paris trams are gone, but they continue to walk the streets of many other cities are of various types, such as’ last built by CR ,08 CR France

ย with a pleasantly old-fashioned appearance, the various models of PGP



or from other manufacturers who have not wanted to sign their accomplishments ….

Then, in the end, here we are in Italy, where we remain open-mouthed in front of this beautiful blue car built by COS.MO for Rivarossi: no more tin


but cast metal, is equipped with electric motor and spring, a nice pantograph nickel, but, unlike the reality we men 1/87 not rottamiamo the past in the name of a more modern and we can preserve and bring together smoothly all this heterogeneous material, but full of charm ... !! ..

Duomo Milano

Of course the adventure of our little men does not end there: the next time they want to get on the tramway Hamo and perhaps conclude their journey back to Milan on the Elfer trams

Leggenda Milanese

Tram Milano anni 30

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