Michelangelo Merisi “Caravaggio” – David and Goliath

Davide e Golia

To know about the artist

To know about the artist

David and Goliath

(Written by P.G.)

Gatto Davide Golia

After visiting once again the exhibition “Tutankhamun Caravaggio Van Gogh: The evening and night by the Egyptians to the Twentieth Century”, I took the writings on Caravaggio and looking at the painting “David and Goliath”,

Merisi Davide e Golia

I could not resist the temptation

David fiondata

to photograph together these twoย  locomotives

fig 01 Davide Golia

that make good this pictorial subject with combined railway ….

fig 02 Davide Golia
Now I present them better:

David pastorello
At first, David

fig 07 Davide Golia
David is the scale model of a Hoe Decauville type 17 A of 1925, which weighs 13 T and proceeds at a maximum speed of 15 Km / h.

fig 08 Davide Golia
I remember these small and nice cars working on the gravel pits of rivers Astico and Brenta, in particular Carturo, on the Brenta, where the narrow gauge network carried the gravel at the Railway Station Padua-Pitch-Carmignano to be poured on the wagons FS.
Who wants to see the loco working again can visit in Germany, Belgium and France various small railways lovingly run by enthusiasts.

fig 10 Davide Golia
Personally I visit, when I can, those pithivier at the Parc de Chantereine,

fig 11 Davide Golia

this latter located in the namesake park on the outskirts of Paris.

fig 12 Davide Golia
Every time I go there, I have the impression of playing with little real trains ….
The model is a unique piece entirely handcrafted on the frame of a profoundly modified BR 80 Roco N scale. The superstructure is made up of about 90 pieces of brass, stainless steel and resin. After mounting the locomotive was painted and “aged” …and here fig 09 Davide Golia
… is lazily on a low-floor wagonย  …

And now here is Goliath

Golia cartoon
Goliath is the locomotive “Hudson” 5342 New York Central for express trains with the heavy weight in service of about 148 t , a power almost double compared to a 691 FS and with a top speed of about 125 km / h.
The scale model 00 was built by Lionel in 1938, weighs 1450 g, works in AC three rails.

fig 03 Davide Golia
And is all-metal, bronze, brass, steel except coal on the tender, has the cover smoke chamber opened and is extremely detailed

fig 04 Davide Golia
If you look carefully at the pictures …

fig 05 Davide Golia
… You can see that it is a splendid model for the time, especially if compared to many European models even twenty years younger ….

fig 06 Davide Golia
… And in the world of miniature railways David and Goliath do not fight to the death,

Sheperard David

but lead a quiet and peaceful existence to delight the eyes of those who admire them ….


(oooh .. sorry if I hit you …. I was just playing)

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