Curie – โ€œ JEP Mignon โ€œ Conti french grandparents


“JEP Mignon” Conti French grandparents

(Written by P.G.)

Gatti Curie

The brand “Jouets de Paris”, which later became the JEP sees the light on October 25, 1902 and it is the result of the merger of seven small manufacturers of toys.
Its headquarters are located at 94 de la rue de Paris ร  Montreuil-Sous-Bois.

After producing all sorts of vehicles, especially trains in O scale, or larger, it launched in 1925 the series “JEP Mignon”, the first French train in OO scale.
In that way JEP follows close behind Bing, the first manufacturer ever in the world of trains in this “new” scale since 1922 …

fig 00 jep

JEP respects the scale in OO gauge, but not in the size of the vehicles, rather abundant and therefore these trains can be considered in a certain way the grandparents of the Conti …

fig 01 jep
Here we see the electric locomotive JEP called “Trolley”

fig 02  jep

not at all out of place next to a 480 Conti, and even with a 554 …

fig 03 jep
The electric locomotive has the unusual running gear 1-B-1,

90 anni

90 years old and it looks very well …

fig 04 jep
… And here it is with a convoy of three cars to two axes in lithographed metal

fig 4 a jep
This pack, with wooden box,

fig 05 jep

is made exclusively for the BHV (Bazaar de l’ Hotel de Ville) in Paris for Christmas 1927 …

fig 07 jep

Inside are placed, in addition to the locomotive and the cars, the tracks in two rails, made in a single piece of sheet metal lithographed, that share with the line ‘s power supply of the machine.

fig 06 jep

They are therefore present poles, overhead wires, signals, bridges support rails, railings and other accessories and the rheostat power ….

fig 08 jep
… in which the main resistance is constituted by a lamp of that period to 110 V with carbon filament.

Coniugi Curie
I doubt very much that, as children, our grandparents could freely play with the grandparents of Conti, whereas the open circuit voltage between wire plane and track was 110 V ….

fig 09 jep
JEP produced little train with steam locomotive too, this time working three rail …

fig 09a jep
The locomotive has a certain resemblance to those produced by Bing,

fig 10 jep

but it is definitely bigger …..

fig 11 jep

And also exists

fig 12 jep

in the mechanical version

fig 13 jep

with charging spring …

fig 14  jep
And here they are, as good grandmothers,

fig 15 jep

they do portray two worthy grandchildren, the 835 and the 290 of Conti

fig 16 jep
The mechanic locomotive is given also in a pack

fig 17 jep

with two cars and tracks in two rails …

fig 18 jep
And finally the grandparents of Conti


gathered in a JEP family photo …

fig 19 jep

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