Camille Pissarro – Shay locomotives , second half

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Camille Pissarro – Shay locomotives, second half

(Written by P.G.)


Camille Pissarro said one day to his friend Paul Cezanne:
ย “… .The Trees are my friends …… more discreet when they are around me almost do not notice them … but when there is no feel their lack …”Olive
We therefore ask this artist to accompany us in our new excursion among the American forest railways to take care of ‘evolution of the type Shay locomotives.
Given the ‘immediate success of this ingenious invention of the lumberjack Haring, as of 1888 the LIMA offers an upgraded six-axis motors, called “3 Trucks Shay” or “C”, this locomotive.
For this purpose the locomotive is coupled to a real “tender” for the escort d ‘water and its two axes are motorized with the same principle of the Shay locomotives to two trolleys. sh 01(01 sh)
In this way also the “tender”, the integral traction, contributes to the tensile force and its weight is added to the weight of the locomotive adherent real.
The so-called “3 Truks Shay type” C “are produced for less than 67 years … 580 specimens sh 02(02 sh)
… And can be up to 150 tonnes gross weight.
They are sold in more than 200 American forestry companies and some of them have been used in South America sudamericaand even in Southeast Asia.
Less fortunate have the few locomotives type “D” (4 Trucks Shay) produced by LIMA eight axles. sh 03(03 sh)
The latest Shay “C” are delivered in 1945 sh 04and one of them is still in service with the No. 6 sh 05at the Western Maryland RR. (Sh 04-05-06)sh 06
Shay many other “C” have survived, yosemiteas the No. 15 “Yosemite Mountains” … sh 07(07 sh)
… The No. 2 “Sierra RR” … sh 08(08 sh)
… The No. 4 “Cass Scenic RR” …. sh 09(09 sh)
… As well as the n ยฐ 10 … sh 10(10 sh)
… The n ยฐ 2 … sh 11(11 sh)
… As well as the No. 5 …. sh 12(Sh 12)
… And No. 3 of the railway .. sh 13(13 sh)
Some of these machines (type “C” 65 t)sh 14 have served at the “Cherry River Lumber Co.” sh 15(sh 14-15)
And it is one of these that the ‘Japanese craftsman artigianato giapponeseKMT has played in 110 specimens in 1970 for United. sh 16(16 sh)

The model, made entirely of brass, consists of more than 850 shares assemble by hand in 70 hours of work.
Here they can admire the complex mechanism fully functional as in reality … sh 17(17 sh)
… Playing every detail …sh 18 (18 sh)
… And the front view highlights the boiler decentralized with respect to ‘the longitudinal axis of the locomotive to balance the weight of the cylinders and of the 19 (19 sh)
E ‘instead by Atlas in 1969, Atlas Trainagain on behalf of United, the model of this “3 Trucks Shay”, to more modern line of precedent, the “Pacific Coast” … sh 20(20 sh)
Produced in 120 copies, it required 65 hours of work to assemble the 740 details of which it is made.
This locomotive was one of the first in its class to be equipped with air brakes where the pump is located on the right side just across from the cylinder ….sh 21 (21 sh)
Also this machine we can observe the shafting and telescopic universal joints perfectly reproduced and running …sh 22 (22 sh)
… The cab line more rounded … sh 23(23 sh)
… And the ‘lack of spark-cone on fire … sh 24(24 sh)
And finally, I leave you to admire the beauty Diorof these two machines the ‘side by’ other …. sh 25(25 sh)
… And structural differences between these two typical

Van Renselar ghepardo cromia gialla

representatives of the “3 Trucks Shay” class “C”.

sh 26

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