Kirchner : โ€œPuppy expressionist โ€œ by KA-EF BAHN

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Kirchner :ย  โ€œPuppy expressionist โ€œ by KA-EF BAHN

(Written by P.G.)

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Kirchner: the “Puppy expressionist” KA-EF BAHN

Taking a cue from Kirchner’s painting , today we speak about another pioneer, especially little known in Italy, railway miniature of the immediate post-war period.

ala aereo
In 1945, after the fall of the Third Reich,

fine terzo reich

the city of Reutlingen …

kaef 00
…ย  in the French occupation zone.

kaef 01

It is in this city, in Katharinenstrasse 2, that at the beginning of 1946, Karl Faigle founded the brand KA-EF Bahn public in following year a package to promote his first train …

kaef 02
… called EL I / 47 and consists of a locomotive, four passenger carriages, an oval track and a transformer …

kaef 03
Subsequently, in 1950, it is also offered a electromotive ….

kaef 04
…. It does not know if they actually have seen the light,

Luce tunnel

and some locomotives including this “E18” three axles that comes on the rails at least at the prototype stage.

kaef 04a
Since 1950 he lose all trace of KA-EF Bahn, which appears to have sold the same material as well as the Weista Bahn.
The first train of this manufacturer is contained in a sturdy cardboard box ….

kaef 05
… Where all inside the material is placed a little bulk …

kaef 06
Note, on the cover, the inscription “Made in Germany French Zone”.
With a little fantasy you could imagine the two-axle electric locomotive of this train as the “expressionist version” of the “puppy power” Conti, with decidedly more marked lines, squared and Teutonic, somehow the “Kirchner Version” of E 554 Italian ….

kaef 06a
It operates three rail AC with manual reverse through the latch on the side of a ….

kaef 07

Made of strong sheet iron, this machine freelance reminds locomotives produced in France in the ’30s,

Moda anni 30

with the next size, scale 1, by Edobaud.

kaef 08

The two axles very close together and the no trucks give this locomotive of important changes and therefore it tends to sway on the tracks …

kaef 09
Contrary to the description of the leaflet, it is not equipped with headlights and can not be fed from the overhead line.
Nevertheless this is a car that stands out for its unusual shape, it is simple, robust and reliable operation, with a towing capacity modest, but sufficient for the four wagons in the pack.

kaef 10
The mechanics of excellent quality has allowed to theย  original in my possession to operate until almost completely wear out shoes outlet …

kaef 11
… And, despite this being perfectly still in running order.

The cars are built too they very often in metal, cut and bent, are decidedly rougher the corresponding cars Maerklin or Fleischmann and have steel wheels turned.

kaef 12
It is, therefore, a bit as the material for Conti in Italy, of a train … robust.kaef 13
… Made to play, to be handled and to withstand the shocks and intensive use

kaef 14
The transformer 50 VA, which read in German and French, is too it very heavy,

massiccio tossing

solid, all-metal ….

kaef 15
The tracks have the distinction of having the two outer rails in brass, the middle iron …

kaef 16
… .fixed to the bottom of the base by means of wood chips to ensure their electrical isolation.

kaef 17
And finally here still two photos to bring out the relationship and differences

kaef 18

between “puppy power” Conti and the locomotive KA-EF Bahn ….

kaef 19
… .Ah, One last detail: this motive has been challenged by the trade union of railway workers in miniature … ..

kaef 20

because no doors of access.

It does not take a rocket scientist


to figure out that … . come from the windows is quite uncomfortable …. !!


and now the Kirchner’ s painting


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