Gino Bechi – Settebello seven elements alternate power (AC)

Gino Bechi – Settebello 7 elements AC

Gino Bechi - Settebello a 7 elementi AC

Settebello 7 elementi

It seemed it had been produced in only one specimen for the famous baritone Gino Bechi, great opera singer of the forties and fifties and with passion for models of trains like Marklin, Conti and Rivarossi,


in fact a few dozen specimens were then made ordered by wealthy clients or assembled (with four pantograph instead of two) by the workers of the Oreste Cicchetti (Conti).

settebello assemblato 4 pantografi

The model of my Collection in AC, to date, is the only known specimen, identified by the number 47282 and accompanied by a production’s certificate.

Certificato settebello

Other seven or eight Settebello known, in the hands of collectors, are all direct power.
With good estimate it is dated the year 1963, and with over half a century of history on shoulders.


That year released the first Beatles album “Please, Please Me”, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman


in history launched into space,
the chick Calimero makes its debut on TV,


Marthin Luther King made the famous speech “I have a dream”

Have a dream

Pope Giovanni XXIIIยฐ dead,

“Give your children a caress and say:

this is the caress of the Pope.”

Papa buono

Also tragic events such as the disaster of the Vajont dam


and the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas are events to be remembered.


Estheticallyย beautiful, has deficiencies paint only on a part of a head,

Testata fianco

the transparency of glass of a coach is unglued and for the rest everything is in order with two motors that also feed the entire lighting of coaches with important scenic effect.
Some light spinning in front of a head coach

Testata fronte

The panel has switching lever for manual release of the relay inversion of the running.
In the case under the intermediate car you can see the device to select the power from pantographs instead of the rails.

7 bello particolare pantografi

It has its original packaging represented by a ribbed cardboard tube wrapped in wrapping paper and closed with strips of glued paper.

Imballo originale

A simple label type-written as follows: ART. C / A. 300/7: SETTEBELLO CORRENTE ALTERNATA (AC) SEVEN ELEMENTS ==================


……. undoubtedly rare, coming from a senior Collector which won this Settebello in an auction of important trains, presumably, hard to remember, that of Christie’s , beating trains of the Collection of Count Giansanti-Coluzzi .

Giansanti Coluzzi

It is not excluded that this Settebello, known the deep friendship between Giansanti Coluzzi and Gino Bechi, was actually belonged to the illustrious baritone who sold or gave it to the Noble Swiss.
Or maybe , now, isย  to be considered a Legend of Metro !!!

Altra testata

This Settebello is called the piece number one Top of the Top, or rather among the rarest of Conti Production .
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