The 50s and 60s trolleybus scale HO / OO (third part)

The 50s and 60s trolleybus scale HO / OO

(third part)

By P.G.

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In 1956 the Czechoslovak company ITES, yet manufacturer today in O scale trains, produced a scale HO trolleybuses with mechanical spring drive.

fil63 (Copia)
It reproduces with some freedom TATRA trolleybus …

fil63a (Copia)
…. then in use in the major cities of the country.

fil63b (Copia)
Since home country …

fil64 (Copia)
… It got spread in almost all the countries of the Communist bloc.

blocco comunista
This cute vehicle is equipped with a metal frame …

fil65 (Copia)
… And a plastic shell in two parts colored in the mass, respectively in red and white ivory.

fil66 (Copia)
Its front wheels are roundable

fil67 (Copia)

and the body is decorated with metal overs.

fil68 (Copia)
The rods of the trolley, of course, are not functional.

The Minobus Rivarossi

Rapimento Lucia

The trolleybus network in the city of Como …

fil69 (Copia)
… extended by 26 km from 1938 to ’78 also reaching towns such as Cernobbio, Cantรน and Ponte Chiasso.

fil70 (Copia)
One of the most popular models of this network has been the Alfa Romeo 140 AF.

fil71 (Copia)
And it is this model that Rivarossi chose to play it in scale in 1949.

fil72 (Copia)
It seems that the name “Minobus” is derived from popular appellation of trolleybuses in Como, while I remember that in the Veneto often they were called “Tirache” (= suspenders).

In ’49, then Rivarossi announces its Minobus quote in the description the รœberland patent.

fil72a (Copia)
The guidance system, unlike the Eheim models, is controlled only by the right rod, moved towards the center of the roof …

fil72b (Copia)
… Which determines a travel of the vehicle slightly to the right with respect to the two-wire power supply.
The steering system is equipped with a return spring: if its voltage is not correct it is a source of undulations during the march …

fil72c (Copia)
The Minobus back door marked “Rivarossi Italy”.

fil72d (Copia)
The vehicle adopts an engine type “1” dual induction coil, as for locomotives in AC Blue Series … ..

fil73 (Copia)
… But really just one of the coil windings is fed in series and missing reverse relays, thus allowing the vehicle to march forward only.
It can therefore operate both AC or DC.
The frame is metal, the body is in bakelite usually blue or green colored in the mass.
It could be purchased alone or with “the ‘complete system as in the catalogs
It was also proposed in kit in the series “SM” …

fil73a (Copia)
… That, contrary to many locomotives, it was easy to assemble.

Lago di Como
In addition to the green and blue livery,

fil73b (Copia)

the Minobus could be provided also in red ….

fil73c (Copia)
… However, my favorite is the yellow plumage with brown roof … ..

fil74 (Copia)
… with blue lines …

fil75 (Copia)
The shades of yellow and its degree of gloss

fil76 (Copia)

varies from a specimen to another.

fil77 (Copia)
The Minobus Rivarossi remains in the catalog until ’57 ….

fil78 (Copia)
… Year in whichย  comes out discreetly from the scene

Obama scende scale

with no applause from the audience.


Trolleybus RICO

Trolleybus Alfa Romeo 140 AF ….

fil79 (Copia)
…. adopted many different bodies: Piaggio, Romanazzi, Caproni, Singularity Institute-Marchetti, Pistoia, Menarini and other body builders even made sure that the versions of that vehicle circulating in the Italian cities differed slightly between them. Some of them even lent service in other European countries, including Spain.
So also the trolleybus in miniature produced in Spain in 1953 by RICO …

fil80 (Copia)
… Despite being too a 140 AF, it differs from Rivarossi model especially for doors and windows.

Volpe riccio
Some ffirm that the trolleybuses RICO …

fil80a (Copia)
…. is to Minobus Rivarossi as the trolleybus Silvine is that Eheim … ..
That is to say that, even if the Spanish trolleybus is not a true copy of the one of Como firm, it is, however, an imitation.

fil81 (Copia)
In my opinion, it is undoubtedly an imitation in terms of size, trolley, guide and drive system.
In fact, though, compared to the front, the two models are slightly different …

fil82 (Copia)
… Seen from the roof ….

fil83 (Copia)
… and from the frame …

fil84 (Copia)
… .They show much more than a vague relationship.

For more trolleybus RICO …

fil85 (Copia)
…. It is entirely metal, unlike that Rivarossi, equipped with bodywork in bakelite.
The RICO model was proposed in blue livery and cream ….

fil86 (Copia)
…. or red and cream.
However, imitation or not, this vehicle


has a lot of charm …

fil87 (Copia)
… .and it is now even more rare that the Minobus Rivarossi.

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