Blue Raphael: still blue, more or less Puppies

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Blue Raphael: still blue, more or less Puppies

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By D.G. (Madame Contiรฌ)

and Design by Bear

Greg dragon

(some technical details by P.G.)

Rosina cat 3

When I enter the rooms of the house reserved for my husband, I feel surrounded by locomotives.

More than forty years living with them, sometimes I feel a little jealous


for the time that my partner is dedicating them, though they have become part of my daily life and I understand (almost always …) the passion that is dedicated to them.
I really like the Shay locomotive, which was dedicated an article on this site, I appreciate the elegance of the forms of many other locos, but especially my female eye is struck by the locos that are characterized by the unusual color.

Squadra 1934
Of these the “blue” are to be considered and I believe that, since recently were accepted on this website blue locomotives that can hardly be called “puppies”, other requests for admission can be accepted …

Squadra 1938
I propose some of these claimants to the title of “blue shirts”.

Squadra Campione 1982

The first, which could also fall into the category of Puppies, it is the cute railcar steam No. 10 of the Ruhr-Lippe Kleinbahn built in 1965 by Egger-Bahn to the gauge HOe, in the original colors white and blue ….

Azp 01
… .while instead you can be considered Puppies,

Cuccioli giallo rossi

but not blue, her little sister No. 11 yellow / red ….

Azp 02
… and the No. 12 in green livery DR / DB ….

Azp 03
Of these small tractors I appreciate the bright colors that dissolve their Teutonic forms a little squared. Do not think that the men in their cabins seem to take very seriously their work?

Italia 70
The following candidate is this diesel railcar 556-301 Breda GT in the colors of the network … Arezzo LFI

Azp 04
When we go over there, a little visit to the station of Arezzo Pescaiola is obliged!

azp 04a
… .In the showcase of German tin toy trains I chosed this rare pair of diesel locomotives “Santa Fe” of the 50s by Groetsch …. (Yeah, not everyone is called Bianchi, Rossi or Schmidt). ….

Azp 05
…ย Groetsch also produced this strange and 110 three-axis, in tin too, which I find so ugly as to be almost seem … nice.

Azp 06
To refer on so-called “Kaufhausbahnen” German, which means all attacked “Treninieconomicidagrandemagazzino”, is another Bavarian manufacturer, Wimmer (HWN) Nuremberg, this electric locomotive freelance two axes with plastic case and frame and metal pantographs of the late 50s …… that my husband should decide to fix the glasses


…… sorry, I allude to the central upright windshield … ..

Azp 07
Among the contenders are not lacking the trams, as this motive two axes GOGTRAM that, when working on the tracks,

Paperina Disney

“sculetta” like a duck … blue duck …

Azp 08
… Or this elegant model in white and blue carriages “Duewag Grossraumtriebwagen” T 127 of Hamo, all-metal 1957 … ..

Azp 09
… And these … … .oooopppss…. I think I have gone a bit off topic …

azp 09a
… ..but they are blue and very beautiful …. Mario, this time we can admit them ?, …because shoes are one of my passions ..


Certainly Danielle, as you can see , I also am going outside of the topic .

scarpa corallo

Going back to the trains, Heinzl (a name that seems more appropriate to a detergent


than a locomotive) is the manufacturer of this rare electromotive really working to rack Zugspitzbahn 1964 …

Azp 10

At today ‘s world which invaded Europe from “Made in China” so it seems right to support the candidacy of this “Made in France”

Francia 98

intended instead to China, the CC 6Y213 of Alsthom for railways with almond eyes, produced in only 60 specimens from French GERARD TAB in 1962 …

Azp 11
Fortunately it is blue and not yellow !!

Italia stivale
… Finally it could not miss another suitor Italian that I recently dusted the box, the “Blue Train” by … Favero.

Azp 12
I find that its elegant cars blue should inspire those who decide the not always successful liveries of today’s Italian trains !!

Squadra 2006
By the way, remembered that the box of this train has been restored at the time, like others, from my husband, who then he can hardly be called “Cable Guy” … !! ….


(though sometimes ……)

…… and you Thomas, as you see this article is also dedicated to you in the role of an athlete ………… the red jacket you wore as a child , should be now, a bit tight. …ย how about a blue shirt


or a more intense blue ? Italy or Scotland


It is up to you !!

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(October 4, 2015)