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stazione Busto Arsizio

Born in Busto Arsizio (Italy North Lakes area) in 1953,  the mother was a baker and the father was a clock-repairer, a grandfather was a bakers and the other was a blacksmith


since he was a child he was a creative as a portrait designer and oil painting with his own special technique.

Novice blue vest

Worked in his parents’  grocery shop  as a delivery boy and then in a  shoe makers


he learned to line shoe-boxes.

As a teenager he worked during the day in a Textile Company and he studied in the evening to get an Accounting Diploma.

He performed Military Service at Cesano di Roma (A.U.C.) and as a young Officer he partecipated in the rescue operations during the earthquake in the Friuli region (1976).

Friuli Osoppo

Finished military service, he got a job with an important Electronical Company, where he worked for ten years in various administrative roles in full contact with the Top Management.

Later still Administration and Finance in the Fashion World alongside a volcanic photographer / entrepreneur

and that was the time of many trips to the Big Apple in the first ’90s, where among the various  positions in the Subsidiary headquarters, also he is appointed in the Board of Directors

Grande Mela

and the knowledge of some famous people from the world of sports, music, as well as political, of art, culture and entertainment.

Then Consulting Management in a Company controlled by one of the largest Group of  the World in the Steel Sector.

About me

A few years ago he retired and now concentrates on his train collection at home and provides

grembiule tirolese

support services to his beautiful Family Made in Scotland.


He started  collecting trains over a 15 years ago and with the help of some friends acquired experience in model railways and Conti trains , the first of which, the “Cucciolo azzurro” (blue puppy) was discovered early one morning on a stall in a Sunday market 

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