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Please come back regularly on this Web Site because it is notย  static and is constantly upgraded and evolving

Art, History and Culture are surrounding the trains…and not only Conti

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Why Cuccioloazzurro ? (The blue Puppy) :


because the Loco FS 54 (Honoris causa now calledย  Cucciolo Azzurro or the Blue Puppy) was the first important piece of this CONTI collection.

torta 12 candeline

ย  I called my son Cucciolo (Puppy)

as a child and to Him is dedicated this site that shows all the pieces of my Collection.

Thomas compie 12 anni

I hope that this work can also be a useful tool for all lovers of theย Conti trains.

The Site has a search system,


placed at the beginning of each page in the left column, to be used by inserting the search terms, and confirm with the ENTER KEY.

For an easy reference have been provided for different categories and I point out that the photos can be enlarged with a further click on the smaller image.

Any imperfections in the vision of a page are automatically corrected by the system giving the update of the page.

Were published more than 4.000 accompanying images of about 400 articles submitted; almost all the photos are of my dear friend and my personal collection, some are of friends’ Collectors.

Many images are taken from the Web to give a humorousย  and carefree touch, with no profit and therefore, I do not consider creating any damage to the owners, if covered by copyright, and if the owners will not be appreciated their publication, the images will be removed upon simple request .


I wish to thank all those who provided images, especially those of the most important pieces, and all who haveย helped in the drafting of the articles andย of certain descriptive pages

Your suggestions will be valuable and contribute to a continuously updated

The expectation is that this collection, one day, without haste, can be further enhanced and completed with a few pieces missing.

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