Maurizio D’Agostini – Over the knowledge

fig 01 (Copia)

To know about the artist

To know about the artist

“Over the knowledge” or trains who dream to go out the rails

(Written by P.G.)

micio sguardo

History and legend are rich of men who, in their own way, wanted to go “over the knowledge”,

from Icarus


to Dante’s Ulysses,


from Leonardo da Vinci


to Picasso …

Pablo Picasso
Who of us, at least once in the life, has ever dreamed, as in the work of Maurizio d’ Agostini,

Oltre lo scibile

Oltre lo scibile

 to fly out of our habitual  and known patterns …? …
Why then, by what right, we may deny miniature trains to have a similar desire , dreaming of go out the rails known …? …

Uomo su Marte
An example of this desire to escape in HO / OO scale is the “Battle Space Turbo Car” Triang,

fig 02 (Copia)

who conceived in the 50s this strange freelance railway vehicle , really moved by rear propeller, which deviates significantly from the models of British locomotives of the time, elegant, but rigidly formal and staid.
This funny toy recalls the Schienenzeppelin

German 30s,

Berlin, Schienenzeppelin

reproduced in HO scale by Maerklin, without accepting the stringent technological issues.

… .In fact Schienenzeppelin does discuss the technical, unlike the Battle Turbo Space does dream  the children, and why not, even adults …

Also the monorail trains are detached from the ground abandoning the classic binary

Fig 02a (Copia)

in reality as in HO scale.

fig 03 (Copia)
Most probably the first reproduction of a monorail in this scale dated back to 1955 and was commissioned by a group of US stores to Japanese HAJI.

fig 04  (Copia)
 The train articulated in sheet lithographed and battery-operated is circulating on an oval celluloid that rests in turn, through supports made of sheet metal bent,

Fig 04a  (Copia)

on a rectangular cardboard  reproducing a landscape populated of castles, flying discs and other 

Fig 04b (Copia)
Much better known


is the

fig 05 (Copia)

“Disneyland Monorail Allweg” Schuco

fig 06 (Copia)

of the 60’s

fig 07 (Copia)

 while also in the GDR in the same years Piko conceived his fragile

fig 08 (Copia)

“Einschienenbahn” , built in a material  said Thermoset that ranks among plastic and bakelite.

fig 09 (Copia)

However, if I have to give an image of a train “over the knowledge”,

Uomo ragno

my preference, both in the scale HO and in the reality, goes to Schwebebahn, the suspension railway in Wuppertal.

fig 09a (Copia)

Commissioning in 1901, it uses the technique of Eugen Langen, has been completely restored a few years ago and still offers regular service.

fig 10 (Copia)
In 1956 Richard Stube developed his freelance suspension railway in HO scale, which is based on that of Wuppertal.

fig 14 (Copia)

When you have the pleasure to open a pack of Schwebebahn Stube, you have the impression of being in front to a Meccano’s box.

fig 09b (Copia)

The assembly of the 200 pieces in the box shown here

fig 12 (Copia)

takes time and patience, but the result is worth it !!

fig 11 (Copia)

Tractor and trailer swaying forward scrolling suspended the trusses, proceed cautiously, like if they had fear of falling, leaving the overhead rail and back ground … ..

fig 13 (Copia)
Engine and mechanics are of excellent quality, the operation is 12 V DC.
In Stube’s catalog you can find bus stops, stations, accessories, but unfortunately the company disappears in 1963, and in our day packs of these trains, which have become very rare, reach prices “over the knowledge” ….

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