Gulliver’s travels 4: tramway works in HO scale

Gulliverโ€™s travel 4: tramways works in HO scale

Gulliverโ€™s travel 4: tramway works in HO scale

Gulliver’s Travels 4: tramway works in HO scale

(Written by P.G.)

Gatto aquilone

We mini-men in 1/87 scale work with care even on tramway systems,

Cartolina tram

for example weeding the rails with this original vehicle, built in 50 specimens by KMT for Fulgurex …

fig 01 Gul 4
… And obviously completing work manually


around the track …

fig 02 Gul 4
…We conduct and preside this Hamo service convoyย  which consists of driving loco, flat wagon with bulldozers, tank transporting gravel and sand

fig 03 Gul 4

and completed by maintenance of the airline platform


production by Pocher …

fig 04 Gul 4
… Or this other convoy for laying tracks …

fig 05 Gul 4
…. in which, incredibly, sections of track loaded on the special wagon also include

Via Appia

the road surface …

fig 06 Gul 4
… We are able to perform

fig 07 Gul 4

all sort of works

Tram a Milano

on the tramways ….

fig 08 Gul 4
… Maybe even with the help of the steam cabined locomotive No. 23 PMT ….

fig 09 Gul 4
… and we must recognize that the use of the pump truck ….

fig 10 Gul 4 is pretty funny …

fig 11 Gul 4
And nobody, please, judge us badly if we find that work is also pleasant .. !! …

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