Gulliver’s travel 3: railways works in HO scale

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Gulliver’s Travels 3:ย  railway Works in HO scale

(Written by P.G.)

Cat witch moon

We men in 1:87 scale we are very strong … .I was sayng iron,

Popeye bis

although in reality we are alloy of lead …
Some of us work at a good pace on the railway lines ….

Lavori FS
… We dig, we showel away, we deliver materials, we are not complaining ever, we do not suffer accidents at work ….
… .A day one of us, fell on the tracks, has even made derailed a 680 Conti ….

fig a Gul 3
… causingย  a short circuit on the rails …

fig b Gul 3
… And it has not done

fig c Gul 3

anything !! ….

fig d Gul 3
… We are able to operate the side big key

fig e Gul 3

of a ETR 330 Conti to reverse the march …

fig f Gul 3
… And thinking about how it is possible to change the brushes


without being hit in the face by the spring …ย 

fig g Gul 3
We are able to take care of electrical

fig h Gul 3

and mechanical maintenance of the railway lines in miniature

fig i Gul 3

with this EHEIM convoyย  ….

fig l Gul 3
… Weย  disassemble, overhaul and rebuild

Fig m Gul 3

a 1311 … Fleischmann.

fig n Gul 3
… .and we are able to repair the track in front of

The Milwaukee road

a … Hiawatha

fig o Gul 3
… also to ensure the loco of the convoy

fig p Gul 3

The ADA Work / R of Rivarossi …

fig q Gul 3
And finally we also work in the deposits of locomotives, by operating, for example the turntable to turn this 910 FS …

fig r Gul 3
… The work, therefore, is not missing

Catena di montaggio

and unemployment in scale 1/87 does not exist … !!!!

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