Please help me to find the missing items for my Collection

ย The top window shows some locomotives and Locotender;

from the left: Locomotiva 735, 680 e 836; then locotender or tank 910, 290 e 3002

then three Littorineย  A.L.e. 880

A.L.e 880 primordiale , secondo tipo e rossa bis

A.L.e 880 primordial , second type and red bis

to keep company to the very rare two Elettrotreno type Switzerland E.T.R. 330ย 

ETR 330 due varianti

the tin station is in the background with the two wooden menย 

Stazione in latta con due omini

twoย primordial cars door and a little red wagon

then the majestic Arlecchino

Be 4 Arlecchino

which is surrounded by four special wagons rather rare, the toll with the little manย and the signal-wing

then a loco 424 leaving the tunnel

between the Cucciolo azzurro FS 54

FS 54 azzurro spazzole

and theย  Locomotor FS 554 with pantographs

FS 554 verde

together with another selection of cars and wagons and the primordial level crossing boxed

with the stylized logo of the dog Mastiff Conti.

Scatola PL Mastino

The lastย  shelf homes the ELFER tram in brassย in the three versions.


Viewing them one by one you can find the CATEGORIES Sets, wagons and carriages individual who complete the rolling stock collection


The most important piece is now the wonderful Settebello to seven items

Settebello imballo

to which has added on June 10th 2014 another very rare item of Conti

A.L.e 880 first type number 543 in colour nut-pink

A.L.e. 880 primo tipo N. 543

and on October 2015

the Etr 212 three elements

FTR 212

Now you just have to watch the many other photos

of Conti trains that you will find in the various categories

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