Zanella – LIMA: the era of engines bell type – second part

Giacomo Zanella – LIMA: the era of engines bell type – second part

Giacomo Zanella - Lima: the era of engines bell type (second part)

Giacomo Zanella – Lima: the era of engines bell type (second part)

(Written by P.G.)

Gatto pioggia

Even the steam locomotives LIMA adopt the engine bell type. And it is the 1-3-0 locomotive with tender three-axis Article 3001, here in the first, rare version of 1958, with the nose gear wheels with small disc …

fig 09 Lima

… In its second version with 0-4-0 wheel arrangement ….

fig 10 Lima

… And set “DSG” with a fork tender for the German market

fig 11 Lima
The tender 0-3-0 with two or three axles sees the light in 1960

fig 12 Lima

… .while the largest steam locomotive with the engine bell is 1-4-0 “German” of 1959 with a fork tender … ..

fig 13 Lima

… Almost exact copy scale, a bit reduced the tender of the BR 01 Maerklin of the era, to the point that, in the first models, appears on the sides, because, presumably, an error flashy of the designer, also the logo of the German … ..

fig 14 Lima
In 1961 is offered only the locotender LIMA of the era, loosely inspired by the BR 80 DR / DB …

fig 15 Lima

… Sold in sets as freight train ….

fig 15a  Lima

… And of which there is also a mechanical version with two axles charging spring …

fig 16 Lima

ย Note that all the vintage steam locomotives LIMAย ย ย  are “freelance” models, contrary to electric locomotives and diesel which correspond to a real prototype.

They are announced in catalogs sometimes as German locomotives, sometimes as Italian, maybe the goal is to have the machines a bit ‘”passe-partout”


suitable for trains and packaging to sale throughout Europe.
The latest model of locomotive LIMA with vertical engine is the V60 of the DB,

fig 17 Lima

announced as a novelty in 1962. It exists in red with or without connecting rods …

fig 18 Lima

The superstructure of this machine is a copy a bit simplified, including errors, of the Fleischmann model

fig 18a Lima

and also in this case the designer LIMA reproduces on the wall of the cabin even the number 1380 which is nothing other than the reference catalog of the German …. .

fig 18b Lima
The V60 is also offered in green for France and the Benelux countries

fig 19 Lima

and set with freight train or passenger

fig 20 Lima

This is also the first locomotive to move from the engine bell type to the annular horizontal axis (type G) in 1964. Models with engine ring stand out immediately from those with vertical engine for the hump on the rear hood for housing the motor

fig 21 Lima

Between 1964 and 1965, Lima converts all of the locomotives vertical motor G that had been adopted for the first time in 1963 on the Dutch electric locomotive series 1200 …

fig 22 Lima

..and the French TEE

fig 23 Lima

So it endsย the era of the engine bell type, replaced by annular engine, which for many years is mounted on all models LIMA. It disappear, at the same time, metal gears, sprockets and steel frames for trucks in favor of looms and transmissions “all plastic”, even more inexpensive, easy to install and that need reduced lubricationย  ….

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