Gulliver’s travel 2: trip on little tin wind-up railcar

Gulliver’s Travels 2: trip on little tin eind-up railcar

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(Written by P.G.)

Gatto Gulliver due

…. Happy with our recent trip on the tramways, this time, we men in 1/87 scale invite you to follow us on board the small tin railcars in service from the 30s to the 50s ….

Just a shame to have to exit the ‘Italy as we did not find in any time Italian miniature trains, made with these cute winkles scale HO / OO.
Indeed, the first on to serve on the tracks in miniature of our country are those of Rivarossi and Conti, put into service at the end of the 40s … and are not for sure of tin or wind-up !!

gul 3
We must therefore cross the seas, rivers and mountains to find them, but we, motivated by passion, do not let ourselves be discouraged by these difficulties …
We begin our trip in Germany, on this small railcar 30s, built by TIPPCO .

fig 01Tippco
Inspired by one of the first German railcars is pretty fast, but the wheels lead alloy serve as a driving force and give it an edge fairly regular …
The same manufacturer then we tried this railcar ,

fig 02

which has a tendency to sway on the tracks …
In both cases, the last stop we had to help the railcar miniature turn them as they have no chance of reversing …


In our miniature world time travel is simple: we are now in France, at the time of the big networks.
In front of a small station in the province, built by Bing, we see passing on a single track first a Bugatti by CRย  a bit shortened ,

fig 03 Bugatti CR

crowded with travelers lithographed, then a pair of Renault,

fig 04

a railcar of the unknown ETAT network ,

fig 05

and finally a funny littorina whose lithography seems designed by Salvador Daliย 

fig 06

……. To then take place in this railcar MeMoย 

fig 07

that wobbles wriggling on the tracks because of its exceptionally short step ….
ย … .We meet in the green of the Franche counties her older sister, an articulated by the unusual running gear, by the same manufacturerย  ….

fig 08
… . perhaps has the distinction of being the longest-propelled tin in this scale ….
…. And further east in Alsace appreciate the smooth ride and smooth this exemplary two-axis built in this region.

fig 09
From here we cross the Mediterranean to cross the desert


of this “Alger – Tombouctou” of Jouefย 

Fig 10 Jouef Alger-Tombouctou

on which make us the company of imaginary “blue men” lithographed who like this time the comfort of a car with the humps of their camels …

… .From The Sahara we’re back to the old continent to travel the long route from Paris to Copenhagen on this railcar Danish Wittrock ,

fig 11 TW Paris-Copenhagen

which, in 1948, foreshadows future TEE the following decade.
Definitely for us, men 1/87, the concepts of “unity of time, place and action” does not make any sense, the proof is this leap in the United States of ‘immediate post-war period, to’ age in which the Passenger trains have not yet been replaced by buses and airplanes. Here it can be appreciated between New York and Chicago the convenience and speed of this propelled by a typical outline of over ocean .

fig 12 US Uhrw.Triebw.

On this train there is still the air conditioning, the windows are still open, and we have not yet the obligation to climb summer equipped with a coat as in transport Americans nowadays … …. And finally, we could not leave aside this nice propelled electric tin with charging spring built in the 50s by Heinrich Wimmer Nuremberg (HWN) ,

fig 13.

which, crowded with men who go to work, juggles well trade station of his city …

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