Michael Wolgemut – HAMO third part : service cars and locomotives


HAMO third part: wagons and locomotives service

(Written by P.G.)

Vicenza gatto

The wagons of service for tramways are quite rare in real life as in the models.
ย Hamo proposes for the first time in 1957, the catalog of his wagons for tram service “Geraetewagen” ref 130 or tow truck ….

Tb 01
… That was produced in gray and green ….

Tb 02
… With metal frame, coupled Scharfenberg, plastic case colored in the mass.
This wagon really rare, approx only ten known, came also in red: it is one of the most sought pieces by Hamo’s collectorsย 

Tb 02a
… If fortunately it is possessed or if you find one, you better keep it in a safe .. !! …

It was followed by “Sandwagen” to transport sand ref 131 with doors opening, gray plastic colored in mass or painted ….

Tb 03
… And by “Schienentransportwagen” or a pair of wagons for transportation of rails ….

Tb 04
… On which, unlike the reality, are transported entire sections of track complete stand plastic ….
I think that this wagon is designed to “play” to build a tram line ….

Linea tram
We now turn to the locomotives HAMO earlier, obviously the recovery of the mark from Maerklin.
In 1952 the DB had built by Krauss-Maffei and MAK five samples of diesel locomotive series V 80, the first real diesel locomotive line for mixed service.
They formed the basis and provided experience indispensable for the construction of many other successive sets of locomotives. At the time of their appearance in the tracks they represented the Germans’ image of modernity.
ย In 1958 HAMO proposed his working model in CC 2 rails

Tb 05
The V 80 lent great service until 1978 …

Tb 06

… .. When the DB decided to exclude them from the regular service, however, they found a new use for special trains ….

Tb 07
… Or were sold to other administrations, such as this one,

Tb 08

taken in Vicenza on the ring-way of steel Company Beltrame …


The first version of the V ref 80 HAMO T 207 is characterized by trucks with sides Simplified smooth ….

Tb 09
… Each with a single drive axle housing and burnished brass …

Tb 10
… .while the second version is characterized by carts with all axles,

Tb 11

side panels and plastic reproduction of brakes and suspension …

Tb 12

The third version differs from the second


for the presence of white letters

Tb 13

The three versions seen together

Tb 14

also highlight the differences in shades of red superstructure …

Tb 15
… All these locomotives, with die-cast metal case, are offered with hooks adapted to those Maerklin, or Fleischmann or even with the Scharfenberg coupling as the trams ….
In 1960 the DB bring into service the first prototypes of the V 160 …

Tb 16
It is diesel locomotives for mixed service and medium power designed to replace the steam locomotives mainly on the sidelines.
The six prototypes , because of the rounded shape of their front,

La Lollo

received the nickname “Lollo” ….

Tb 17
One of them currently provides service in Italy on Suzzara – Ferrara …

Tb 18
A year later, in 1961, HAMO offers the model, in metal too, the V 160 002 “Lollo” …………….

Tb 18a
…. with reference the T 208,

Gemelle Kessler

in two versions almost similar,

Tb 19

here photographed together

Tb 20
… but which differ in the diameter of the wheels, the number of the driving axles, the power outlet,

Tb 21

the presence of the “fungus” of contact (Schaltpilz) system Fleischmann, the under-case and for the coating.

Tb 22

The V 80 and V160 HAMO were not taken from Maerklin and are now much sought after.
Finally, to complete this series of HAMO, we mention the curious universal transformer , suitable for both trains in DC and AC ref 1133 …

Tb 23

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