Paride d’Agostini

Paride D ‘Agostini

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Those visiting Vicenza for the first time are amazed by her beauty.

Vicenza notte
City proud and combative, the only decorated with two gold medals for military valor, the third industrial province of Italy, city of arts, UNESCO world heritage, it is not seeking mass tourism, but can be discovered only by who is really interested in his invaluable artistic heritage …

Vicenza Teatro
Even the artistic expression of Paride D’ Agostini has something of the character of his city, and who really wants to cross the door of his studio, located in a beautiful building in the historic center, was impressed by this artist discreet, eclectic, sensitive, lover ofย  the man an the nature, and in particular of the trees.

Casa coperta alberi
Born and raised in a family of established artists (we have already spoken of Maurizio, his father), Paride is a brilliant student of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, musician and guitarist rock – blues,


Paride perfectly mastered the design that folds effortlessly to his will to characterize every detail or to thin movements sometimes sweet, sometimes disturbing or even violent . Among his favorite subjects, the trees have a place ofย  honor. He gives the impression of being in deep communion with them, playing the sweetness, the majesty ……

fig a (Copia)
…. their submission or their rebellion in the wind ……fig b (Copia)
ย the brightness, the joy of living, their insertion, sometimes their dominance in the landscape …

fig c (Copia)
Only those who think that the trees may have a soul can understand and appreciate the portraits of trees of this artist.
In any case, the romance, the beauty of nature, the spaces themselves, are interpreted with a modern language and where the original painting technique and the use of color brings us sometimes in the surrealism ….

fig d (Copia)

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