Il trenino di Paps

The novice 1972

The novice 1972

Il trenino di Paps

(Translation to be reviewed)

It was a Christmas of the early sixties, I do not remember exactly which, and despite the economic boom underway, in Family we di not sail in the gold.

My parents, however, made sacrifices and let me find under the Christmas’ treetrenino Natale an electric train which I still keep and I would say that more or less has been with me for about 50 years.

Probably it had his original package but definitely was thrown away immediately and after the first use it was always guarded in this wicker basket for sewing.

My train consists of a Diesel locomotive D 442 with vertical motor

with the two Corbellini coachesย 

and the dark green wagoon

La debuttanteSome time later, in addition to the passenger train came the freight train.

Trenino merci

The steam locomotive with tender Lima Express

with the closed freight cars

the freight car for animal transportation

the freigh low sides cars

the tank Agip and two special freight cars

and the two deadtracks

Fine corsa tronchini

Now, become a Conti trains collector of great value, I still reserved a place of honor, in the showcase, at the modest little train Lima with whom I had fun in thoughtlessness.

Today, on the occasion of my birthday, another green wagon with light blueย  glasses joins the small Collection.Vagoncino verde vetri azzurri

It is a kind thought by Paolo, dear friend in La Spezia and a true gentleman of yesteryear

Bambino anno 1954

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