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ย ย  Hiawatha is a legendary Indian figure in the USA…

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… He is thought to have lived in the fiftheenth or sixteenth century.

He was the chief of the Onondaga and Mohawk tribes….

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… he created the Iroquois Confederacy along with the equally legendary Indian chief, Dekanawidah ….

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… succeeding in making it live in peace …

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… Governing it together with his wife Minnehaha …

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… whom he had saved from drowning …

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Not much is known of Hiawatha the man; according to the Iroquois tradition he taught his people agriculture, navigation, medicine and the arts, using his powerful magic to defeat all of their natural and supernatural enemies.

It is also said that Hiawatha was an orator of great skill.

It was thanks to his convincing words that the five tribes (Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca and Mohawk), who lived separately from each other despite sharing the same traditions and customs and who were often at war amongst themselves, formed the five Iroquois Nations.

What little the Western world knows about Hiawatha is usually based on the great epic poem โ€œThe Song of Hiawathaโ€, written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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Numerous legends and other stories have been written about him …

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numerous films have been made …

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… and also cartoons …

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Hiawatha has given his name, not only to the train, but also to places …

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… to cinemas and theaters ….

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… to all kinds of products

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of all kinds …

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… to river boats…

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… to roads and trails…

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and even to a brand of ice cream …

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