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.   Increase safety of navigation through cookie security for tracing anonymous requests
.   Performance measurement of the website (number of visitors, sessions, number of online visitors)
.    Increase website performance through the use of a cookie to ensure the best access to the load balancer.
  .   As per the European regulation, the navigation on the website, the first scroll of the page or click anywhere on the page itself is implicit acceptance to the use of cookies listed in this cookie policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is simply a small text file, generated by the user’s Internet browser, which contains the information. This information characterize the contents of the cookie. In addition, a cookie is identified by a domain (ie who has set the cookie), and a name. Only the domain that set the cookie will subsequently read.
A cookie is just saving static information, can not in any way to execute code or programs on your computer, redirect the user to other sites pose security risks.
More than 99% of websites use cookies, a technology that has existed since 1995 and that has allowed us to make internet browsing something more dynamic and user friendly. To name a few, would not be possible without cookie management complete sessions for all websites that require log in (for example, a social network or your inbox), the management of systems of load balancing so improve responsiveness and speed of navigation, advanced management of user security, and more.

If you want to know in detail what is a cookie, you may have to refer at wikipedia page and website cookies on European law.

Which cookies use? uses a few basic cookie. These are divided into first party cookies (managed directly by the domain, and third party cookies (managed domains and external systems, such as Google AdSense, Google Analytics or Facebook).
Cookies can be further divided into cookie technical (necessary for the functioning of the site or service, do not keep any information of user profiling) and profiling cookie (used for profiling habits or behaviors in order to improve user experience navigation).
It also recalls that can not in any way read or modify the content of third party cookies.

As a first party cookie, manages a group of cookies technical safety, marking anonymously requests and see which come from real users and what are the possible attempts to attack the website, spam, crawling or unauthorized. In addition, there is a tracking cookie anonymous to ensure the best speed of access to the website through the load balancer used by

As third party cookies, uses systems Google Analytics to measure the performance of the website; anonymised in order not to individually trace the individual user.

Can I disable cookies?

Certainly, you can disable cookies, although not recommended as it may have navigation problems on most websites. Also, some systems will stop working.
Mode varies depending on the browser you use. You can find detailed information on the website

For further information about the management of cookies, please contact us.