Antonio Ligabue

ย ANTONIO LIGABUEย  – The madness of a genius.

Antonio Ligabue
Antonio Ligabue was born in Zurich December 12, 1899 by Elizabeth Costa, originally from Agordo, and an unknown father and he is recorded by birth as Antonio Costa.
On January 18, 1901 Bonfiglio Laccabue, emigrated to Switzerland from the town of Gualtieri, married Elizabeth and on following 10 March he recognized the child that assumes the name of Antonio Laccabue.

The painter, however, become adult, in 1942 will change the surname in Ligabue, perhaps because of the hatred he felt toward his stepfather, whom he felt as the uxoricide of Mother Elizabeth, who died tragically in 1913 along with three brothers as a result of food poisoning .
The life of the painter is then marked by a difficult childhood.
In September of 1900 was assigned to the Swiss Johannes Hanselmann Valentin Gรถbel and Elise.
He was denounced by the same foster mother for his often aggressive behavior,

Volpe Ligabue Antonio Ligabue was in and out of nursing homes and mental hospitals until 1948, when the critics and gallery owners were beginning to take an interest in him and his works intense, colorful, expressionistic and naive at the same time. Ligabue become famous; win prizes, sells paintings,

Lotta di Galli Ligabuefound friends who give him hospitality, film and documentaries on him were made, but still he can not shake off his enormous discomfort.
Struck by paralysis in 1962, Ligabue still continues to paint until his death at 66 years of age.

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